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Journey Over The Rainbow Bridge By Albert Irving

Coping with the loss of a cherished animal companion can be utterly heartbreaking. Join lovable English bulldog Fat Russell as he offers a touching, humorous and uplifting perspective on grieving pet parents.

Crossing the mythical Rainbow Bridge into the magical town of Spencerville. Russell’s adventures are just beginning. He is warmly welcomed by a pug named Spencer, Spencerville’s kindly mayor. He helps Russell get acquainted with his new home and introduces him to his exciting new friends.

Russell bonds with fellow bulldogs Barkley and Lil Dot, enthusiastic Fenway, genteel Millie, and more. Together they embark on thrilling exploits, including tug-of-war tournaments, digging for buried treasure during scavenger hunts, and defending Spencerville from mischievous cats seeking to disrupt the town’s harmony. During a joyful dance in the rain, Russell is delighted to hear his new pal Barkley singing a song his father used to sing to him, forging a connection between his old and new homes.

Russell also indulges in Spencerville’s culinary delights, chowing down on mouthwatering meals at local restaurants with his pals. Mayor Spencer appoints Russell the prestigious role of Chief Vibes Officer, entrusting him with ensuring all of Spencerville’s dogs are having fun. Russell gains ownership of the Barklaggio, the town’s bustling hotel and casino.

Throughout his adventures, Russell stays bonded with his dad by sending him cheerful BarkPhone messages detailing his exploits and new life in Spencerville. The book captures the warm camaraderie Russell finds with his new canine companions as he adjusts to his new home, always keeping his family back on Earth close to his heart. His cheerful dispatches home remind us our lost pets live on, helping grieving pet parents celebrate their memory.

This heartwarming tale provides laughter and hope to those struggling to say goodbye, affirming the eternal bonds between people and their fur babies.Join Russell’s Journey Over the Rainbow Bridge as he helps bring comfort and joy to pet owners everywhere.

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