Our Mission

At PawWord, we're on a whisker-tickling mission to bring you endless joy by weaving delightful tales that capture the very essence of your pet's personality.


Our Values

Providing comfort and joy to pet owners is our first priority. Giving back to the pet community through charitible involvemnt is core to our purpose.


Our Methodology

Working paw and paw with pet owners and trained professionals to continually evolve the platform to deliver on our missions and values.

Over 100,000+ stories by PawWord

Our Magic Machine is in overdrive working with your pals to communicate their adventures.

Our Short History

How PawWord came to be. I had lived my whole life afraid of dogs. My mother was deathly afraid of them and instilled this fear in me. This lasted over 40 years, but through a series of coincidences, I became the father of an English bulldog named Russell. In no time at all, we became the best of friends. I loved Russell so much that I wanted to share him with the world, so I started a Twitter account for him. To my surprise, I discovered millions of people who shared a similar bond with their pets. I connected with these wonderful people, sharing Russell's antics and making many friends along the way. Social media can be a cruel place, but I found dog Twitter to be an oasis that restored my faith in humanity.

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