This whole idea started when I lost my dear Fat Russell in Sept 2020. Still work to be done, but have come so far. This is for you big guy.

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Short History of PawWord

After dedicating over two and a half years and thousands of hours speaking with pet enthusiasts, Michael Hofeld unearthed the heart of what makes each dog unique and cherished. He uncovered the deep connections, stories, and memories that each owner held close. Initially driven by a lifelong fear of dogs, Michael’s world transformed when an English bulldog named Russell became his best friend. Through chronicling Russell’s escapades on social media, he not only fostered a bond with a vast community of pet lovers but also experienced their unparalleled support during Russell’s heartbreaking departure in 2020. 

From this deep sorrow and the comfort drawn from the pet-loving community, Michael founded the Angel Paws Group, committed to aiding those mourning the loss of their furry companions. These enriching interactions and tales of pets’ afterlife adventures, coupled with the marvel of today’s technology, led to the birth of PawWord—a sanctuary where pet parents can craft and celebrate their pets’ everlasting legends, honoring both those who walk beside us and those who’ve journeyed beyond.


As an extension of PawWord’s mission to aid individuals in coping with the loss of their furry friends, Michael Hofeld, writing under the pseudonym Albert Irving, penned the enchanting book “Magical Town Over The Rainbow Bridge.” This heartwarming narrative follows the beloved bulldog, Russell, as he embarks on adventures in the whimsical town of Spencerville after crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Alongside a delightful ensemble of canine companions, Russell, now the “Chief Vibes Officer,” spreads joy and positivity. 

His vibrant tales serve as comforting reminders to grieving pet owners, assuring them of the timeless bond they share with their departed pets. This book, brimming with optimism and love, reinforces the idea that the connection between pets and their humans is truly eternal.

Angel Paws

Angel Paws was founded in 2020 to help people deal with the loss of their pets. Holding weekly meetings online during the global pandemic it grew into an amazing support system.

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