Using PawWord is Easy and Fun


Signup or Send As Gift

Start the process with creating an account or you can send PawWord as a Gift. Just takes an email address to get going.


Fill Out Pet Info

PawWord asks you to answer a series of questions about your pal to learn about them. Their personality, likes, dislikes, friends and more.


Choose Your Delivery Options

Pick how you would like to receive your messages via text or email. Also how often you'd like to get adventures about your pal.


Magic Machine Sends Messages

You will get a message from your pal about their activities. This will come with a glorious illustration.


Read or Listen to Full Story

Beyond the message you can get the complete tale from your pal. You can either read it or we send you a link so you can listen to it for convenience.


Add or Change Your Pal's Details

You can leave your pet's details the same or you can add more info or alter some there right in your account. The next story will come along randomly in the time you requested.

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See how it Works

Watch a short video that shows you the process from signup to the amazing tales. See how you can help the Magic Machine connect with your pal.

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